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Where we serve

​​Haiti Mission

Our services are based in Cotes-de-Fer, Haiti. Côtes-de-Fer (Kreyol: Kòt Defè) is a commune in the Bainet Arrondissement located in Southeast Haiti. Cotes-de-Fer is a fishing village located at sea level. The commune is home to over 3,500. The surrounding villages in the Bainet arrondissement makes up a total  49,037 inhabitants based on the 2016 census.


Founded: 2010

President / Founder: 

Mystraine  Onoh (Missy)

Secretary: Rebecca Block

Accountant: Jonathan Onoh, MBA

Medical Director: Wilnes Jean Chilles, MD

Field Nurse: Gertrude Augustin, BSN

Spiritual Advisor: Pastor Dennis Webb

Areas of service: 
Short term medical mission through mobile clinic, Reaching others for Christ while serving, Irrigation for healthy food availability, Health & hygiene education., Emergency disaster response

Millions of people suffer and die around the world every year due to lack of access to the most basic necessities such as clean Water, food & basic healthcare. We aim to help change that in the areas we serve. 

Hope For Village (HFAV) is non-profit nondenominational organization dedicated to the restoration and support the remote village of Cotes-de-Fer, a village in the south of Haiti. Through our services we have the great opportunity to make a direct impact in the lives of the families we work with through the love and lasting friendship.

We aim to....

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Our Vision

Hope for a Village promotes integral human development so that people who are most vulnerable and most disadvantaged within the community are able to flourish and live in peace and dignity.