Long-Term Goals

Build trust and relationships with residents of the Cotes-de-fer area through its services, leading to opportunities to share the Gospel.

Contribute to the decrease of maternal & infant death rates by establishing a fully functioning women's clinic and birth center with trained midwives performing prenatal care, postpartum care, breastfeeding education, and women's health education.

Curent Projects

Short-Term Goals

  1. Assist in emergency nutritional & medical needs post-hurricane
  2. Establish a 501c3 so we can be eligible for more grants in the future
  3. Establish a board of directors to broaden our discussions and assist in the direction of the mission/vision
  4. Establish a network of volunteers to assist with at-home projects & fundraising
  5. Compile a list of potential donors and their contact info for letter-writing fund raising campaigns
  6. Complete the irrigation well project so that local farmers have an adequate water supply to maintain the growth of nutritious food for people in the area
  7. Organize the December medical clinic trip



HFAV is dedicated to the physical restoration and health support of people in and around Cotes-de-fer, Haiti. HFAV strives to make a direct impact in the lives of the families we work with for Christ through building trust and relationships via health care services, health education, and other various needed projects.

We have a simple mission: to give more people

hope through the gospel of Jesus Christ by being

His hands and feet in the areas we serve.

Founded: 2010

President & Founder: Missy Onoh

Secretary: Rebecca Block

Spiritual Advisor: Pastor Dennis Webb

Medical Director: Dr. Clarence Freed

Areas of service: 
Short term medical mission through mobile clinic, Reaching others for Christ while serving, Irrigation for healthy food availability, Health & hygiene education., Emergency disaster response

What is the purpose? This is an opportunity to share Christ with the people of Cotes-de-Fer, while providing a much-needed health care service to the area, including health education and various needed projects.

Cotes-de-Fer is an extremely impoverished area that was forced into more dire straits by the Haiti earthquake in the beginning of 2010 when most of the town was destroyed, and again in October 2016 from Category 4 Hurricane Matthew. The main village is home to more than 4,000 people and supports its surrounding area inhabitants of approximately 40,000+

 Cotes-de-Fer, Haiti Mission

Millions of people suffer and die around the world every year

due to lack of access to healthcare, one of the most basic necessities.



HFAV values Biblical principles in its management and actions of its team members on the ground, especially those of humility, love, and respect. With that same perspective, we see our work as a hand up, not a hand out.

HFAV values ethical support and empowerment of people in need, including working with the equal input of local people and community leaders. This leads to projects that are sustainable, working, and wanted in the community.

HFAV values the idea that education can lead to life-changing circumstances and opportunities. We value educating our team members properly to prepare them for their time spent in Haiti.

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HFAV is a Christian-based, not-for-profit organization providing healthcare services, education, various sustainable growth project in and around the village of Cotes-de-fer, Haiti.

Providing emergency food and clean water

Category 4 Hurricane Matthew destroyed many homes

& local farms/gardens in the area. We are providing

money for the emergency purchase of rice, beans,

cooking oil and clean water to help feed families who

lost their homes and farms in the storm.

Digging irrigation systems in the Village of Cotes-De-Fer, Haiti
We recently completed the digging process of our first well construction in November of 2015 for the area. 

Installing Solar panels
A group of volunteers accompanied from "Water for  Life" team members  in Haiti and "Help Make it Rain" from Souderton, PA traveled to Haiti to install solar panel systems at the first well  location.

Ongoing fundraising effort
Using the funds you provided and with your continuing support, We are in the process of construction a water tower in the village to help direct the water to the right farming area where it can effectively be utilized.